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Mahsan Electrical industry Company was founded in 1975 in Iran in the aim of creating value by continuously improving all of its work processes to satisfy internal and external customers. Quality assurance is as important to Mahsan as the customers' demands for intelligent solutions. This can take the form of constant controls, a high level of personal responsibility on the part of employees or continuous optimization of work processes. Dedicated team engineers, designers, field service technicians and diverse professionals are experts in their fields and draw on the support and expertise professionals at Mahsan Company. High-quality materials, and user interfaces which can be used intuitively have for years been recognized as unmistakable characteristics of all Mahsan products. They embody the perfect symbiosis of technology and design. Many national and international design awards are the proof that solutions for intelligent buildings bring plaudits as well as user benefits. Mahsan company , has based its quality to national and international standards such as ISO 9001:2008 ,CE ,VDE, TUV

By the way,all our products have been registered in industrial property general office and any copyrights are prosecuted by law.